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GRAILD //  September 24, 2020

Lenswood Cider Co. is a family business, and their cider is brewed on the family orchard in the heart of Lenswood in the Adelaide Hills – the apple growing region. Their passion is to showcase the signature apple and fruit flavours of the Adelaide Hills, and their Apple Cider definitely does that.It’s got that classic apple flavour upfront, is a little tangy, but it isn’t too overpowering. You know when you open some ciders and you get hit with that super strong apple flavour that can be bitter, extremely sweet, and become a little bit sickly after a while? Not this one! It is super smooth, clean, crisp, and you could easily grab a pack of these on a hot day and not get sick of them. It has a great balance between sweet and dry, with an interesting fizz at the end! Their cider is made from premium quality fruit with no added flavours, colours, sugars or concentrate, which you can tell as soon as you have that first sip. There’s nothing in there that there shouldn’t be, which is just how I like it. These guys also only brew in small batches using local produce available at the time, meaning each batch is unique in flavour. What’s there not to love?! I highly recommend!

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